Shokoofeh Pourmehr PhD Candidate in Robotics

I am a PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Richard Vaughan in the Autonomy Lab at the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Currently, I study human-robot interaction (HRI) and my research is focused on designing multimodal interaction systems. I have developed methods for humans to get the robot's attention in simple and intuitive ways. My research interests are sensor fusion, design of the robot behavior, human-robot interaction, and their applications to domains where robots can work with and around people in their everyday life.

Please watch the videos below for an overview of my research, and read more on my research page.

What untrained users do when asked 'make the robot come to you'

Finding an HRI Partner in the Crowd

Integrating Multi-modal Interfaces to Command UAVs

"You Two: Take Off!"

Give and Take: a robust human-robot interface